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FAVE Convention

Face Painting Competion Rules

I.  Eligibility:

 A.  Contestants must meet the eligibility requirements stated in Article 1 at the beginning of this section


 B.  Contestants who have won first place in a category must wait one year before entering that category again.


 C. Face painting will be judged in three categories

  1. Half-face or large arm tattoo

  2. Full-face (designs cover all or large portion of face)

  3. Fast and Furious (which is face or arms).


 D.  Painter must be registered for the convention and are required to attend the pre-competition meeting.


 E. Painter is responsible for providing his/her own model, or ask Competition chair for help if necessary.  Painter must be wearing convention badge. 


 F. Painters are responsible for their own supplies.  All paints must be made for use on skin.


 G. Full-face time will be 20 minutes. Half-face/tattoo will be 15 minutes. Fast and Furious will be on face or arms with a time limit of five minutes.


 H.  Judging will be made on technique (use of brushes, sponges & etc.), creativity  (originality), use of color & dimension. Is the kit clean and presentable?


 I. Awards will be presented for first, second and third place winners. If there are only three contestants only one award will be  presented. Contestants may compete in all three categories.

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