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  • Keith Polston

  • Candy Lemus

  • Jake and Renee Eggert

  • Stephanie Gintz Morace

  • Ernest McGhee

  • Scott Nichols

  • Marie Dadow

  • Cody Williams

  • John Butte

  • Kelly & Zach Martinez

  • Sherry Ralston

  • Roger "Pop" Johnston

  • Jeff D'Ambrosio

  • Rosemarie Ballard

2023 Instructors Line Up

  • Andy the Clown

  • Ingmar Sanchez

  • Linda "Flo the Clown" Siples Hulet

  • Amanda Wisley

  • Dan Bellamy

  • Loretta Kava

  • Stacey "Boo Boo" Anderson

  • Steve Zucker

  • Anthony Cooper

  • Jennifer Hernandez

  • Zia Quil Kay

  • Dan Vincent

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announcing our new location:
suncoast casino las vegas

  • To make reservations go to the hotel's website at or call the hotel direct at 866-636-7111. 

  • The group reservation ID is FAVK23C. 

  • (Please make sure that you give this code as there won't be a special price without it.)

  • The cutoff date is October 6, 2023.  After this date the special room rate will no longer be available.

  • *First night's room fee and tax will be required when making reservations.

  • Rooms are $79 a night plus tax and resort fee. 

Where all types of entertainers come together to learn from one another


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Balloon Twisting

Balloon art is a major part of many entertainers' repertoires. At FAVE, we strive to bring you the industry's top balloon instructors. Take your art to the next level by attending the many different categories of balloon classes we offer at FAVE. From very beginner to master classes, we cover every level for you to learn from. So, wherever you are in your career, there is always something to learn at FAVE!

FullFace349_Valerie Linderoth.JPG
face paint clip art_edited.png

face painting

Every year we bring in a recognized face painting instructor to give you the opportunity to learn from the best. Classes range from beginning to advanced levels. Painters are encouraged to meet up for face painting jams. Come get your paint on!

Juniors program

Our Juniors program is one of the best in the country. Juniors classes cover performance, magic, puppetry, face painting, and balloon twisting, and they have their own competitions. Extra-curricular activities can include a movie, pizza and ice cream, crafts and games. The Theme Party is a big hit with the kids too - you'll find them on the dance floor most of the night! 



You'll find classes on just about everything relating to developing or improving your clown persona and skills. From beginners to seasoned clowns, you'll leave with more than you came with, and have a wonderful experience along the way. For those of you who have been clowning for a long time, don't forget the value of your presence and mentorship to those just beginning the journey.



Magic takes center stage at our convention! So many types of entertainers incorporate magic into their acts. That's why the schedule is full of great classes on all kinds of magic. Don't be afraid to jump in as a beginner- we have classes for all levels. Along with learning, you'll be highly entertained as well, as our instructors can't help but be engaging whether they're teaching or performing. The vendor booths provide another opportunity to find great new additions to your show!

...& more!

There have been so many different classes offered over the years it would be hard to list them all, but we can assure you that you can expect the unexpected! Here's a sampling of some of the classes on our schedule over the years:

  • Hospital / Caring Clowning

  • ​Ukulele

  • The Great Tabelcloth Pull

  • Gospel Clowning

  • Skit Writing

  • Foam Props

  • Laughter Fitness

  • Improv

  • Physical Comedy

  • Marketing 

Expand your repertoire!
There's always something new to learn at FAVE.

We pride ourselves on our expansive variety of classes. 

Most cost effective entertainers convention in the West!

We are an affordable convention with smaller more intimate classes, allowing for a lot of individual attention and hands on practice.


Registration includes: 
Theme Party

Awards Dinner & Show

Jam Rooms


Get all the supplies you need in our vendor room!

Juniors program for ages 6-17

includes all events and specialized competitions

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